Why Do I Feel Like Everyone Hates Me?

Why do I feel like everyone hates me?

Maybe it is due to feelings of loneliness, lack of communication with others or because we are going through a bad stage in life. “Why do I feel like everyone hates me? ” is a thought that arises in moments of crisis, when our self-esteem seems to crumble at any moment and we feel bad about everything around us. If we let ourselves be carried away by this feeling of rejection, it is possible that it will lead us to more serious problems such as depression or the fear of interacting with others. It is important to detect this idea in time, analyze it and work until it is eliminated, thus preventing these types of thoughts from affecting us more than they should.

In this PsychologyFor article, we will provide tips to avoid and solve the feeling that everybody hates me

I feel like no one really loves me

These types of thoughts can have different origins. Perhaps, we are experiencing a lack of love after a breakup and feel that no one loves us as a couple. Perhaps, throughout our childhood, we have not received enough affection and, unconsciously, we believe that we do not deserve to feel someone’s affection. These feelings will have to be treated according to their underlying cause, in this way, we can solve them at their roots.

Lack of love can be treated feeding self love, leaving our insecurities behind and strengthening self-esteem. If we make up for this lack with care and affection for ourselves, we will develop good resilience, that is, a good ability to face problems and overcome life’s setbacks.

Many times, these thoughts are part of a system of limiting beliefs (which we will talk about later) and do not usually have a real basis. That is to say, there are really people who love us and value us but we cannot appreciate it because There is a belief that limits it

Why I feel like everyone hates me - I feel like no one really loves me

Nobody cares about me

Feeling like no one cares about you is not a pleasant experience. The human being is a social animal, we live surrounded by people and we need someone to care about our well-being, to be minimally aware of how we feel and to worry about our emotions. If we have the feeling that there is really no one who cares about what we feel, we can feel helpless and little understood by those around us.

Now, is everything we believe about others really true? Let’s think if it is really true that nobody loves us, nobody appreciates us and everyone hates us.

If we stop to think for more than ten seconds, we will surely realize that there is not much truth in those beliefs, however (comma missing) they are still present in our heads and we give them a lot of strength. These types of thoughts are known as limiting beliefs and they are the cause of many interpersonal problems.

Limiting beliefs: what are they?

We can define limiting beliefs as thoughts or ideas, usually unconscious, that repeat over and over in our heads and prevent us from acting to our highest potential. They are usually beliefs about ourselves and our abilities, for example thinking “I can’t do this, I’m terrible at it” facing a challenge that we have not even attempted. There are also limiting beliefs about the world and the people around us, among them we highlight the following:

  • Nobody loves Me
  • Everybody hates me
  • Nobody cares about me
  • I’m alone
  • Everyone is happy except me
  • My life doesn’t matter to anyone

Each person formulates their beliefs in their own way and they do not have to coincide exactly with those stated above, but it must be admitted that many people share these thoughts in a similar way.

We must analyze to what extent these sentences are true Determining the veracity of what we think and why we think it is essential to eliminate these types of thoughts. Many times, we tend to relate discomfort or a feeling of emptiness with the idea that we are alone and that no one loves us. This happens because it is difficult to name it and correctly detect abstract sensations such as emptiness, and our mind resorts to thinking something else. simple.

Why I feel like everyone hates me - Limiting beliefs: what are they?

What do I do if I feel like no one loves me?

To correctly eliminate this type of beliefs, we must follow some very simple steps:

Detect and observe the belief

The first step is usually the most complicated, in this case, we must detect all the beliefs (or most) that prevent us from relating correctly with others. Many times, we act without knowing that many thoughts limit us, therefore, digging into the deepest part of our mind to find limiting beliefs can be the most difficult step.

Question your thoughts

In the same way that our tastes and opinions about what surrounds us change over the years, so can our self-image. Once we have detected those thoughts that complicate our lives, it is time to put them on the table and analyze them with a series of questions, for example:

  1. I feel like everyone hates me“- Because you believe that?
  2. Nobody loves Me“- That’s right?
  3. Nobody cared“- And your family? And your friends?
  4. I’m alone” – Think of all the people with whom you have exchanged a couple of sentences that last week, are you really alone?

These questions can be asked one after another in response to the same thought, in this way we see how unfounded it really is.

Change your beliefs

After observing, analyzing and questioning what we think, it is time to change our beliefs. In this way, if we change and make them positive towards us, they will feed new beliefs about self-esteem. In turn, good self-esteem will help develop resilience, so that, if at some point we suffer again, we will have new tools to avoid feeling that no one loves us or that everyone hates us.

After reading this article, do you still feel like everyone hates you? In this case, we recommend another article to improve your self-esteem. If you think your thoughts are uncontrollable, you may need to see a specialist to provide you with the right tools.

This article is merely informative, at PsychologyFor we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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