Why Is It Key To Take Care Of Mental Health And What Does Mentalia Offer?

Why is it key to take care of Mental Health and what does Mentalia offer?

Health faces significant challenges today, and it is crucial to address them effectively through clinical practice. Some of the main challenges include provide therapeutic assistance focused on the person and their individual needs, assess the integrality of the life of each individual with serious mental disorders, and design personalized rehabilitation plans that address various areas of patients’ lives. Additionally, it is essential to actively integrate patients into their own treatment process.

Traditionally, mental health had taken a secondary place when it came to health. It is increasingly present as a basic component of each person and helps to guarantee individual global stability.

Quality of life is defined as a state of physical, mental, social, cognitive, economic, functional and emotional well-being. When one of the above components is not present or lacking, the feeling of well-being decreases and is incomplete, limiting the person in their vital development.

Furthermore, it is very important to reflect that quality of life is not the same for each person, nor are the same criteria valued.

Mentalia services in mental health support

In this sense, Mentalia offers a variety of specific services to support people’s mental health and is distinguished from other mental health services centers by its comprehensive approach.

The services offered are directly related to the areas of intervention and the professionals who are experts in each of them.

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The therapeutic team is made up of:

The medical team consists of:

Therapeutic approaches and techniques used in Mentalia

To help address mental disorders and promote emotional well-being, Mentalia uses therapeutic approaches based on a biopsychosocial and systemic methodology for treatment in people with SMI. These approaches are supported by theoretically and experimentally founded techniques for mental disorders. Mentalia’s multidisciplinary team is responsible for applying these therapeutic techniques and approaches on an individualized basis, adapting them to the needs and abilities of each patient.

Furthermore, a strong emphasis is placed on the prevention and promotion of mental health to promote resilience and self-care in patients. This is achieved through strategies such as disease awareness and psychoeducation in TMG, the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, the development of tools for emotional and behavioral control, the prevention of toxic substance consumption and the promotion of interactions positive social, among others.

Interdisciplinary collaboration and comprehensive patient care at Mentalia

Interdisciplinary collaboration plays a critical role in the mental health services offered at Mentalia. Comprehensive treatment is achieved through the collaboration and joint intervention of the different professionals of the center, the resident and their family members or guardian references. Each professional has specific objectives, but they all work together to achieve the general objectives of the patient care team.

Care modalities and determination of the best option for each patient

Mentalia offers several modalities of care, including individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Choosing the best therapeutic option for each patient is determined based on complete knowledge of each resident’s capabilities, needs, and collaboration. This decision is made considering the individual aspects of each person and their particular situation.

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In terms of guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the services offered, Mentalia regularly monitors and evaluates patient progress, using clinical evaluations and outcome measurements. Additionally, periodic interdisciplinary team meetings are held to discuss cases and collaborate on therapeutic decision-making, allowing for continuous improvement of therapeutic outcomes and care provided.

In summary, current challenges in mental health require clinical care centered on the person and their individual needs. Mentalia addresses these challenges through a wide range of services and therapeutic approaches, promoting prevention, emotional well-being and interdisciplinary collaboration. The objective is to guarantee the quality of services and continually improve therapeutic results to provide comprehensive and effective care to people with mental disorders.