5 Consequences That You Didn’t Know About Consuming Drugs

Consequences that you did not know about consuming drugs

The consumption of substances toxic to our body and the dependency they generate have a very high impact on people’s health. In 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that 8.9% of diseases, injuries or health problems were related to the use of psychoactive substances.

Due to the very high impact of this problem on society, throughout the article we will see some important drug-related consequences. Next, we will delve into some consequences of said consumption that are less known since they are not those sought when consuming.

Basic elements to take into account

Based on the words of the WHO, drugs are all those substances, natural or synthetically created, that generate alterations in the normal functioning of the central nervous system. Thus, they have the ability to alter the functioning of the body on a physical, mental and even emotional level.

There are various ways to classify these substances. Some of them are of natural origin, while others are created in laboratories. We can find legal drugs—medications—and illegal drugs. They can also be classified according to their effects: depressant, hallucinating, analgesic, sedative, hypnotic, etc.

Anyone can be susceptible to consumption, but not all cases are considered addiction. Drug addiction is a mental disorder in which substance consumption continues repeatedly despite suffering negative consequences for it. We must keep in mind that anyone can suffer serious consequences from consumption, even if it is occasional.

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Consequences of the consumption of harmful substances that you probably did not know about

Currently we have a large amount of information regarding substances that, when consumed, alter the functioning of our central nervous system. Despite this, We find a lot of misinformation that can lead us to ignorance.

Although each substance is characterized by generating specific effects, the consequences may vary depending on the person. Below are some of the consequences that are generally less known. However, they are equally important.

Physical consequences

In most cases, people use drugs because they seek to obtain specific effects on their bodies. However, many other impacts that consumption can entail are often unknown.

These unexpected or unwanted results may manifest themselves in any of the following ways:

Psychological consequences

The changes that occur in the brain when using drugs can have short, medium and long term consequences. Below are some of the unexpected or unintended consequences of drug use:

In addition, serious psychological problems may appear—or existing symptoms worsen—that can lead to the following mental disorders:

Social consequences

Without a doubt, one of the unexpected experiences of substance use can be increased social isolation. People can start to suffer problems in various types of interpersonal relationships: family, couple, friendships.

On the other hand, the number of relationships with people or groups that consume the same substance can increase and, in this way, perpetuate the problematic situation. Without a doubt, this can contribute to the increase in social exclusion.

Economic consequences

Depending on the consequences generated by each substance, the type of consumption and the person, the economic impact may vary. Work performance, production and performance may be affected.

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If this happens, there can be really serious consequences such as loss of employment. Without a doubt, this directly affects the economic stability of the person and, in some cases, It can even lead to the loss of your home. There are many people who have found themselves in poverty due to consumption.

Long term consequences

Substance use, whether sporadic or continuous, can have a great impact on the person who consumes it. However, another unexpected consequence is that they can also generate serious alterations for the generations that follow.

As we have seen, the diseases that can develop as a result of consumption are varied, but some of them are very serious. This, without a doubt, has an impact on the people you live with. Furthermore, it is known that drug use during pregnancy can have very serious consequences for the physical and mental development of the fetus.