Divorce Therapy: What It Is And What Are Its Benefits

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Finding the person to live the rest of our life with is incredible, and joining our lives to that person through marriage is one of the vital goals of many people.

However, marital relationships do not always end well and it is necessary to separate, with all that that entails. Divorce is an experience that, if not managed well, can cause a lot of suffering and psychological consequences, especially when material assets are involved or a child custody battle begins. That is why in many cases it is very useful have the possibility of going to divorce therapy

Divorce therapy: overcoming divorce thanks to the help of psychologists

Breakups cause a lot of pain, and even more so when a divorce occurs. Well, when two people get married, they begin a common project that, in theory, should last a lifetime. Although divorces are now more frequent than in the past, 96,824 divorces in 2016 according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, Separation is a very difficult stage to overcome since the person experiences a grieving process, in which they must get used to living a new life separated from the person with whom they have shared so many moments.

The suffering that this stage brings with it is sometimes not possible to overcome alone and, for this reason, many people who separate go to the psychologist for professional help. The psychologist who is an expert in divorce therapy He is a professional who can provide divorced people with the necessary tools to adapt to this new stage of their life successfully.

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Getting over divorce is not an easy task, because The affected person sees their expectations for the future with the person they loved frustrated Especially in those cases in which there are conflictive situations (the battle for custody of a child), divorce therapy helps to overcome this transition in a healthy way, and is key so that those affected can regain their well-being and peace. happiness after a separation.

Among the emotions and psychological phenomena that the divorced person may feel, we can highlight humiliation, feeling hurt, psychological abuse, the feeling of betrayal, states of anger, depression low self-esteem, anxiety and other behavioral problems, such as drug use or other drugs (for example, alcohol).

Besides, To this we must add that the person feels a great loss of their roles in life, which may require learning self-knowledge skills and social and relational skills to be able to face this new situation. In this context, psychological help becomes key. And even more so when there are legal disputes over or children involved. Recovering emotional balance is possible, but it is not always easy.

Benefits of divorce therapy

Divorce can bring with it situations that are very difficult to manage, because when an individual lives immersed in a separation, self-esteem is damaged, as well as the conception they had of many aspects of life. Having to adapt to a new daily life is not easy. Therefore, Therapeutic help can be very useful to heal emotional wounds of the first moments of separation, where denial or anger can manifest. Being aware of the stages of divorce is necessary to be able to manage and handle this moment of change.

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Divorce therapy provides psychological tools to those affected, so that they can regain the emotional balance necessary to have healthy relationships in the future. It must be taken into account that the relationship does not end with divorce (although its nature changes), and that even when both people lose contact completely, the way in which this stage has been managed will affect both of them, since It will remain in your memories and in your way of self-perception

It is a personal responsibility to move forward in these difficult times, but the psychologist’s help serves as a guide to do so in the most adaptive way. Accepting the grief that appears as a result of divorce is the first step to recovery, and with time and the right help, it is possible to regain happiness again.

Where to Find Expert Divorce Therapists

Few experiences are as stressful as divorce, which is why Some experts classify this suffering situation as “post-divorce trauma.” which is the stage after separation, referring to the intensity of feelings and emotional reactions experienced by the affected person.

When faced with problems of this type, it is best to go to psychologists with training and experience in couples therapy. These professionals have the methods to both prevent the appearance of conflicts and unnecessary confrontations, on the one hand, and to better manage emotions in such a delicate stage. Of course, they must be registered psychologists.

Furthermore, if, beyond specializing in couples therapy, they are also professionals trained in mediation, it is likely that their versatility will be greater, and that it will be easy for them to provide effective counseling and psychotherapeutic support capable of generating commitment.

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